About Us

At Shaghig restaurant, we are proud to offer a unique dining experience that is deeply rooted in our founder's history and heritage. Shaghig is the granddaughter of an Armenian genocide survivor who was passionate about the land and believed in building a solid foundation for future generations. As a result, he planted legendary olive trees that can survive for hundreds of years and established a Manufactory for olive oil extraction. Although the factory was stolen after the 2011 civil war in Syria, the olive orchards still stand, a testament to his legacy. 

Shaghig's love and connection to olives and olive oil can be seen and felt in every dish she creates. That's why we only use extra virgin olive oil in all our dishes at our restaurant. Our menu is inspired by middle eastern, Armenian, Levantine, Greek, Syrian, and Lebanese cuisines and is served up in a sleek and modern setting. 

We offer a one-of-a-kind backdrop to host your next event, whether it be a corporate party or rehearsal dinner, bridal/baby shower, engagement ceremony, meet-and-greet, birthday, anniversary, or whatever the occasion. The setting is a culmination of culture and aesthetics, set in an open format for added adaptability, and can accommodate up to 60 guests for a seated dinner and 120 standing guests. 

At Shaghig restaurant, our team strives to provide a space where people from all walks of life can come together over food and drink. Our warmhearted and friendly service will make you feel welcome, and our kitchen staff is ready to cook memorable dishes that are all Shaghig's improvised creations with a touch of rich experience. 

We chose Zakyan street in front of the park as our location because it offers a beautiful view of nature that opens your heart and brings freshness. You won't feel any chaotic downtown crowd while you are in the center but in a very relaxing zone. Our goal is to create memories and provide a unique experience for people who come for our special cuisine with unique tastes. We hope you will join us on our journey toward becoming your favorite restaurant. At Shaghig, your horizons of taste will open, and you'll experience a special place with extraordinary energy. 

About Shaghig – The Founder & Master Chef

Shaghig, also known as  “yummy_by_shagh” ” is not only a TV Chef and culinary expert, but also a passionate restaurateur specializing in Mediterranean, Armenian, and International cuisine.

Due to her educational background in nutrition and her passion for cooking, Shaghig always strives to balance her improvised dishes, making them lighter, yummier, and richer.

 Shaghig's upbringing was heavily influenced by her family's rich culinary traditions. After years of research and international travels, she has become an expert in blending traditional dishes with her own creations.
In February 2020, driven by her desire to continually improve and evolve, Shaghig, a self-taught cook, made the decision to enhance her professional culinary skills. To pursue this goal, she embarked on a transformative journey by enrolling in the prestigious culinary school, School Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, for short-term training. This invaluable experience not only expanded her knowledge and expertise, but also ignited her creativity, enabling her to introduce innovative approaches to menu planning, preparation, and presentation.

For many years, Shaghig hosted cooking TV shows like "Hamegh Arvavod Shaghigy Hed" on Armenian public TV. She presented more than 400 recipes, most of which were her own creations with a twist on traditional dishes, is highly respected for her exceptional taste, creativity, and dedication to using quality ingredients with over two decades of experience in the culinary world, inspired by Armenian, Lebanese, Syrian, Greek, and Levantine cuisines.
Her lifelong passion and dream came to fruition in 2022 when she successfully opened her own restaurant. Now she leads a team of trained professionals who share her commitment to providing unforgettable dining experiences to every guest.
Not only did she achieve her personal aspirations, but she also catered to her fans' desires, as they were always eager to savor her personally created homemade dishes.
Her ultimate objective was to recreate the comforting taste of home, which drove her to prioritize the use of fresh ingredients and meticulously prepare her dishes with the same level of care and attention as she would in her own kitchen at home.

Our Features

Authentic and Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine 

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere 

Creative Cocktails 

Private dining options  

Outdoor seating 

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