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your choice of three dips from above


grilled eggplant mixed with special tahini sauce


Aleppo red pepper with walnut and olive oil


homemade strained yogurt with extra virgin olive oil


strained yogurt, garlic, onion, bulgur and nuts

Chicken Taratur

with tahini sauce

Beef Taratur

with tahini sauce

Baba Ghanuj

grilled eggplant mixed with fresh diced vegetables served with pomegranate molasses

Homemade mix pickle plate

3 jars of eastern and western pickles


Armenian steak tartare with bulgur, served with pine nuts, greens and extra virgin olive oil


vegetarian stuffed grape leaves served with Shaghig special sauce

Lentil Patties

served with Armenian tiny salad

Meat Platter

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Cheese Platter

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Grandma’s Manti

with yogurt garlic sauce and mix of spices

Pan fried chicken liver

sizzled in onions, peppers and pomegranate sauce

Beef Ouzy

pastry wrapped rice and minced beef

Crispy fish filets

baked in Mediterranean sauce

Aunti’s Ghavurma

served with cubed potatoes

Minted meat patties

with lemon garlic sauce

Baked Halloumi

served with special sauce and vegetables

Old fashioned Toshka

cheese and minced meat in crispy bread

Dad’s favorite

spicy cheese and chili in crispy bread


poached eggs in minced meat and spicy tomato sauce

Batata Harra

spicy potato cubes with coriander

Shaghig’s Special Falafel

served with fresh vegetables, pickles and tahini sauce

Ishli Kufta

bulgur meatball our style

The ultimate juicy Chicken Club sandwich

served with fries and chili mayo sauce

Shaghig’s Ham & Cheese Sub

with a special refreshing salad

Armenian itch

served with pickles and grilled chili pepper

House aged and dried cheese balls

served with diced vegetables and extra virgin olive oil

Quinoa shrimp salad

with artichokes and Apulian sun-dried tomatoes served with lemon dressing

Grilled pepper salad

served with pomegranate molasses, garlic, cumin sauce

Chef’s Olive salad

with greens and cheese

Beetroot salad

with garlic, lemon, mint dressing

Orzo salad

with feta, greens & lemon dressing

Shaghig’s Mediterranean salad

Chef’s recipe of grilled cherry tomatoes, herbed olives, stracciatella cheese served with za'atar flatbreads

Oroukh bulgur kebab

served with tzatziki

Grilled potato

served with parmesan cheese and garlic sauce

Grilled vegetables

served with lemon-garlic sauce

Cheese kebab

beef halloumi cheese kebab

Grilled tiger shrimps

served with seafood chili and mayo sauce

Shaghig’s signature pan kebab

stuffed with grilled eggplant and cheese

House favorite yogurt kebab

grilled kebab balls with yogurt garlic sauce and cubed bread

Tender veal skewers

in homemade marination

Pork souvlaki

served with tzatziki

Chicken Tawook

served with fries and garlic sauce

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